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Olivera Kane

/ Director

Born 1975
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Brown
Height 186cm
First Language German
Language English (fluent)
Education Max Reinhardt Seminar
Residence Vienna

My Story

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The Most Talented Young Actress in America. He love what he do since he started doing it and never looked back.

My Filmography

  • Year Film Title Description
  • 1997 The mask of Zorro Christian Werner
  • 1999 Evolution Rainer Matsutani
  • 2004 Falling In Love Gero Weinreuther
  • 2010 Back to you Käthe Niemeyer
  • 2015 Just like you Wolfgang Murnberger

My Award

  • Year Film Title Award(s)
  • 2004 Falling In Love The best young actor, Young Artist Award
  • 2010 Back to you The talent actor, Breakthrough Performance Award
  • 2015 Just like you The most famous director

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